The present conditions of sale are entered into by the association Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims, whose head office is at 12 boulevard du Général Leclerc, 51722 Reims Cedex, on the one hand, and by any individual or legal entity wishing to purchase admission to a concert or any other event organized by the association, on the other.  

The acquisition of admission rights, whether paid or free, implies the buyer's definitive and unreserved knowledge and acceptance of the present general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not expressly approved by Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims.

The association Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the buyer's order. 


I. Preamble

Admission to the Flâneries Musicales de Reims festival is as follows:

  • via the Festival website at,
  • on the FranceBillet network
  • at points of sale: Fnac, Carrefour and any retailer distributing the Ticketnet network,
  • by calling,
  • at the ticket truck,

Sales dates and times for the various sales channels can be found at

Entrance fees purchased from any network outside that of Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims, in particular in a Fnac or Carrefour store or on their respective websites, are subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of the retailer in question, over which Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims has no control.

Confirmation of the reservation by the customer implies unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


II. Right of entry

Entrance to all Flâneries Musicales de Reims festival events requires a ticket (known as a thermal ticket) comprising 2 distinct parts: the counterfoil and the body of the ticket. The whole ticket, including these 2 parts, must be presented at the ticket office to gain access to the performance venue.

Entry fees are quoted in euros and include all taxes, regardless of the origin of the order. They include any management fees.

The maximum number of tickets sold per transaction is determined by Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims, and may vary depending on the event and the sales channel. Places are limited for people with disabilities. It is therefore necessary for such persons to reserve their seats by calling 03 26 36 78 00, and to present themselves directly to the organizers on the day of the performance.

In some halls, seating will be unnumbered, and ushers will place the public in order of arrival, in compliance with all health and safety regulations.

Entrance fees vary according to the event, from 0€ to 35€.

Concerts are free for children under 12, except for the "petit flâneur" concerts.

Reduced rates are available for :

  • students
  • PRM (on presentation of a card) including wheelchair users
  • Jobseekers (on presentation of a card).

Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims informs the public about the content of its shows and suggests that the content of the show be adapted to the age of the spectator. This information appears in the festival program and on the festival website.


III. Payment

Admission fees are payable at the concert entrance:

  • in cash,
  • by credit card,
  • by cheque
  • in holiday vouchers

Entrance fees to are payable :

  • on a secure bank payment platform, in partnership with France BILLET.

The online payment service depends on France BILLET and is therefore subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of the retailer in question. Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims has no right of review over these.


IV. Ticket collection

Booked online at, tickets are sent by post or e-ticket, or picked up at the ticket truck.


V. Control at the entrance to the venue

Checks are carried out manually and visually by specially trained Flâneries Musicales de Reims inspectors.

In the event of a dispute, a venue controller is entitled to request that the admission fee be analyzed by a third party authorized by Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims.

After checking that the entry fee is appropriate for the event in question, each controller keeps the counterfoil of the entry fee.

Each spectator or visitor to an event is obliged to keep their admission fee until they leave the event grounds.

Access to the auditorium
Shows are offered with numbered or free seating, regardless of how tickets are obtained.

As a general rule, performance venues are accessible:

  • 30 minutes before the start of the concert
  • 1 hour before concerts at Basilique Saint-Remi, Opéra de Reims and Les Crayères.

Access is closed 20 minutes after the start of the concert.

  • The show starts precisely on time.
  • 5 minutes before the start of the performance, numbered seats are no longer guaranteed.
  • Latecomers may enter the performance hall at the most directly accessible seats, as directed by the hall manager. In certain cases, latecomers may be refused entry.


VI. Obligations at performance venues

The purchase of an admission fee implies acceptance of the rules and regulations of the event venue.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes), eating and drinking are prohibited in the event area.

Photography, filming and recording are prohibited.

Cell phones must be switched off during the performance.

Animals, with the exception of dogs for the disabled, are not allowed in any performance venue.


VII. Access to shows for the disabled

Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims attaches particular importance to making all its concert venues accessible to all audiences. In order to provide the best possible welcome, information and support, tickets for disabled persons must be reserved by calling 03 26 36 78 00.

Seating is limited, so on the day of the show, people with disabilities must register in advance (see article II) and present themselves directly to the organizers to gain priority access to the hall on the day of the show.

Accompanying persons must purchase their own tickets for the concert.


VIII. Safety device

As part of the VIGIPIRATE plan - reinforced security risk of attack, Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims is implementing measures to reinforce surveillance at concerts, in particular through visual checks of spectators and their bags at the entrance. Security checks may be carried out at certain concerts. No suitcases, backpacks or large bags will be accepted inside the venues.


IX. Cancellation of an event

In the event of cancellation or postponement of concerts by Les Flâneries Musicales, the value of the admission fees paid by the customer will be refunded in full.


X. Right of withdrawal and refund

All ticket purchases or orders are firm and final. Tickets cannot be exchanged, taken back or refunded, even in the event of loss or theft.

The resale of an entrance fee at a price higher than that shown on the ticket is strictly forbidden, subject to the penalties laid down in the penal code (law of June 27, 1919).

No exchanges or refunds will be made for program or distribution changes.

In the event of a change to the date, venue or time of the show, the ticket purchased remains valid and may not be exchanged or refunded, at the purchaser's request.

In the event of cancellation of the show ONLY by the production: Tickets may be refunded or exchanged directly with the network where you purchased your tickets. In this case, only the ticket price will be refunded upon return of the ticket.


XI. Claims - Disputes

For any request, complaint or dispute concerning the purchase of concert tickets, Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims has a customer service department that can be contacted no later than 72 hours after the performance:
- by e-mail at the following address:
- on the following telephone number: 03 26 36 78 00
- by post to the following address Flâneries Musicales de Reims - 12, Bd Général Leclerc 51722 Reims Cedex.

Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims declines all responsibility for any damage whatsoever to effects, materials or objects. Spectators are responsible for any direct or indirect damage they may cause while attending concerts.

In the event of disputes, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


XII. Processing of personal data

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, amended in 2019, spectators have the right to access, rectify or delete information concerning them.

The information collected at the time of booking is processed for the Flâneries Musicales de Reims festival's spectator database. The data is only used within the strict framework of festival communications. Les Flâneries Musicales de Reims undertakes not to divulge or market any information whatsoever concerning its customers without their agreement.


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Updated APRIL 2024