Orchestre des Frivolités Parisiennes
Sheva Tehoval, soprano
Philippe Brocard, baritone

While France has suffered from recurring bouts of rampant Anglomania since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Paris in 1855, Great Britain delights in the Parisian spirit and sometimes acclimatizes it to the London fog, just like English chic - France, this country that cheerfully dares to do what austere, puritanical British society cannot allow itself, is a secret delicacy that can be savored in London, just as everything that comes from this ever-surprising, original and, for the French, singularly extravagant England can be savored in Paris.

Tea for Two is a walk through these points of mutual fascination - points that come together, intersect, move apart or marry; a mutual fascination that, in 2024, remains as ardent and vivacious as ever.

Oxford Street (March) - excerpt from London Again (solo orchestra)
Lightly lightly (arr. Yann Stoffel) - from Monsieur Beaucaire
Gold and Blue and White (arr. Yann Stoffel) - from Monsieur Beaucaire
Vincent YOUMANS / Irving CAESAR
Tea for Two (arr. Matthieu Michard) - excerpt from No, No, Nanette!
Rodolphe BERGER
Messalinette (excerpt from Messalinette, ou le tour du demi-monde en 80 nuits)
My Ladie's Bower
Ah! Nay, do not fly me! (arr. Yann Stoffel) - extract from Mirette
Maurice YVAIN
A Londres (arr. Pierre Pénisson) - from Yes
Jerome KERN/ Elsie JANIS
Some Sort of Somebody (arr. Adrian Ross) - from Very Good Eddie
Maggie, the Movie Queen (arr. Matthieu Michard) - from Maggie
L'Escarpolette (arr. David Jorda-Manaut) - excerpt from Moineau
Maurice YVAIN
Je chante la nuit (arr. Matthieu Michard)
Haydn WOOD
Roses of Picardy (arr. Matthieu Michard, Chloé Ducray)
Everybody Rag with me / On r'met ça ! (arr. Matthieu Michard)

Practical info

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

8, place de la République - Reims
Bus 11 and Cirybus: "Boulingrin" stop
Tramway: Lines A and B, "Schneiter" station
CPA parking lot: République

Maurice Yvain : Je chante la nuit ( Les Frivolités parisiennes/Clémentine Decouture)

ASCII Kolor stitching | 35 pictures | Size: 14378 x 13448 | Lens: Standard | RMS: 2.94 | FOV: 130.82 x 122.37 ~ -1.29 | Projection: Spherical | Color: LDR |